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F150 Cruise Control Problems – Diagnosis and Advice

Cruise control problems on certain year F-150 trucks are a lot more common than you’d think. If you’re having problems with this system, know that: A. You’re not alone B. It can be fixed! Here are some common issues with the F-150 cruise control system that may cause it to stop working.

F-150 Steering Wheel

Common Problems

Here are some common issues and the most probable fixes when your F-150 is has cruise control problems.

Issue: Your truck’s cruise control isn’t working at all

What to do:

  • The system gets power from the ignition switch through a fuse, so check the fuses. Also check the horn relay fuse and cigarette lighter fuse as switches may also get power through those as well.
  • Also check the throttle actuator cable, it may be broken or disconnected from the throttle.
  • Check the brake light bulbs to make sure one isn’t burnt out. A burned-out bulb can sometimes cause a cruise control problem on some F150s

Issue: The cruise control won’t disengage when the pedal is pushed

What to do: Check the brake light switch, fuse, and wiring.

Issue: Some switches work and some don’t

What to do: Check the switches, most likely they are the culprit and need to be replaced.

Issue: The cruise control system loses speed up long or steep hills

What to do: This may be normal, in some cases. The throttle cable can only be opened so fast by the system — it’s a safety precaution, built-in from the factory.

  • Try turning off overdrive (if equipped) when going on up steep hills, it may help.
  • If your truck loses speed on smaller hills, check the vacuum check valve in the Servo feed line.
  • Certain vehicles also have a vacuum reservoir tank to prevent loosing vacuum while going up hills, check this tank for leaks as well.

These are the most common issues with cruise control problems for Ford F-150 trucks. Most of which are easy fixes and parts are easy to find at section for F-150 OEM replacement parts.

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